The Amani Coffee Model;
Congo to Cup

Mountain Countryside in Congo

You won’t find another locally owned coffee company like Amani Coffee. We’re a fully integrated coffee company, from our farms in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to our local roasting, and production. We are involved in the process every step of the way with our products.

A typical coffee will go through five “middle-men” before reaching your cup. At Amani, we put “middle-men” out of business. We work directly with our farmers to cultivate the best possible soil to grow the best possible coffee. Our farmers then hand pick the ripe coffee cherries from their trees. They wash, dry, and sort every coffee bean by hand to make sure you receive only the best coffee we have to offer.

Your coffee is then packed and shipped from DR Congo directly to our offices in Chicago, Illinois. Next, we test every bag for quality and freshness. Once it meets our standards, we then roast your coffee, fresh-to-order, every time. We then ship it off to you so you can enjoy a craft roasted coffee right in your own home.

Coffee Beans on a Countertop Next to Coffee Being Poured

For many people, life is often difficult.  We recognize this and we believe the best way forward is to be giving.  We pour positivity with every cup of coffee and so can you.  With every purchase you make, 10% of the purchase price is eligible for a donation to any non-profit organization of your choice.  We have pre-selected a few causes that are meaningful to us, but you can support anything you feel is important to making the world a better place.

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You've just discovered the perfect everyday coffee.

Our organic coffee is grown in rich volcanic soil, hand-picked, fully washed and dried in raised beds in the Kyondo Mountains.